5 Reasons Why a strong Brand is important even for a Small Business

Branding is not just having a Logo, Business Card & a Signage. You might have a good logo but good branding exercises increase the value of a company. The advantages of it? The answer is, it helps in everything from motivating your team to signing up new customers.

Your Brand is just not a logo that has a name of the company and probably a tagline. It is a sum of what your company stands for, it’s reputation, and it’s values. When all of these parts are working well together, the result is a brand that is at a healthy position.

So let’s get into detail on how Branding helps even the small businesses who hold a vision to scale. Here’s Unjumble decoding 5 reasons for you –

1. Branding improves Recall Value
One of the major reasons for a company/business to have a Logo is because it is the ‘face’ of their organisation. A logo designed from a professional would be simple enough to be memorable, yet powerful enough to give the viewers an impression of the company.

There are different types of logo designs. But for you to differentiate between a amateur and a professional one, slight comparison between a logo of top MNC company & any new boutique off the road would be sufficient.

2. Branding creates Trust

Just as you are more likely to purchase from a shop that appears professional & legitimate, your customer too need to feel comfortable before committing their money towards your product or service. Ensuring right usage of your logo at the right place at the right time helps. If your product or services is delivered at the clients area and them wearing a branded t-shirt would lead to a lot more visibility of the brand. In the future such people are in need for your product or service, they are more likely to trust you. 
Having a professionally designed website also helps the cause when the same brand features, the same look & feel and colors are carried forward. Thus reinforcing the sense that this business is a reputed one in its field.

3. Branding helps in Advertising too

Advertising is a key component of any brand. It is a form of marketing where the brand is presented in front of the prospects. Advertising can be in many forms, be it print, digital, outdoor etc. A strong brand design leads to a even better advertising output. And end of the day help stand out from the competition.

4. Branding motivates the Team

Who doesn’t want a motivated team? Your team expects more than just work – they look forward to something that inspires them. When the team is in sync with the goal of a company and its reason for being, they feel a part of the mission and will be much more motivated to work towards it.

5. Branding generates Customers too

A strong branding also helps a lot of businesses get word-of-mouth referrals too. After all they won’t be able to find you, until they know about you. The key role of a branding here is that if your audience can connect with it, then they would definitely share it with other in need of a similar product/service.

All of this is achievable with one good step towards Branding. You too are planning to set-up a new brand or revamp the current identity of the brand? Well, you have to look no further. Unjumble Communications is a full service Creative Agency based out of Bangalore, India that can assist you in many stages of your brand building like Branding, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Packaging, Website etc.

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