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It’s been many years now that marketers have wondered if print advertising & design is still relevant. With the number of digital users skying up everyday the doubt is very relevant but the answer isn’t.

Print ads still make a better impression than digital ones. A number of studies have indicated that, people tend to process print with greater engagement and focus, than they do with content viewed on screen. While the digital content is read through quickly, on print reading is slower, thus leading to greater comprehension & recall. For advertisers, it means that a print ad is more likely to have a better impression and thus lead to better results. Having said that, the type of content also varies being communicated on a particular medium also matters.

Why Print Advertising still remains relevant – through 2019, 2020 & beyond

 1. Respectability

Given the fact that print has been around for long and thanks to its history, ads that appear in print are likely to be taken much more seriously.

2. Trust

Studies have suggested that reader tend to trust print ads & television ads over other mediums of advertising.

3. Targeted Audience

One of the greater advantage of advertise on digital platforms is the scope to target the right audience. Even Print ads allow positioning in relevant sections of the publication like current affairs, entertainment, sports, technology etc.

4. Better Engagement Rate

While reading through print, our complete attention is at one place. On digital platforms all of us multitaskers. We are simultaneously texting friends, watching videos, checking mail, browsing feed, as a result – our attention is divided. Comparatively, print gets better engagement.

Some tips for Print Advertising

Keep it Simple

Keep the layout simple. Busy or cluttered ads are a big turn off. Simple layouts on the other allow your messaging to communicated easily. Concentrate on crisp copies, consider using bullet points to define your benefits.

Mind your Flow

Human eye reading pattern starts at the top left of a page and move down towards the bottom right. You can capitalise on this reading pattern by layouting text along the ‘route’ across the page.

If you are looking for a professional team to design a print ad, feel free to get in touch with us (Unjumble Communications) for a creative, well-design and well-communicated print ad. Be it on Newspaper, magazine or any other medium.



Being in the 21st Century, it is an era where designs surround us at a greater level, thus affecting our behavior as a consumer.  A good design for a company begins from – a great & creative logo, it is aesthetically good, it serves the purpose of representing the company, it’s true identity and set the overall feel & tone of the brands product or service to the public.

With good service/product your customer stay with you for a longer time but with bad design it’s really tough for your product/service to stand out on its own. Your company need great Branding. For which you need good design.

Good Design is Good Business. Bad Design is your Fault.
This is main important reason why presentation or good design is a really important aspect of your marketing mix. With many significant applications of your brand logo, it is easily the most important aspect and a vital to have a quality logo that shouldn’t be underestimated. Taking a professional help for branding is a great option, you can visit our website to reach our team to understand how we take up the branding project.

So where all is design applicable?
We ask you, where it is not? Once you have the logo designed, you definitely need the next set of communication which begins with stationery design. Even your smaller elements like Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope, ID Card leave an impact on the viewer when rightly approached.

Taking the communication further, we arrive at Website. UI (User Interface) & UX (User Experience) is everything in a website. The base of UI & UX begins with design and ends with valuable functionality on the website. The website layout, flow, pages, functions, features, all of it vary based on the nature of business you are in, the audience that is most likely to interact with your brand. Thus while designing, understanding the audience is also really important.

Going further if you feel the need for design is over. You are wrong. The need only grows. To operate you further need a product catalogue, a packaging design. Marketing or Promotional Collaterals are next in line where good design is supported along with right messaging of the brand to roll out the right communication to the target audience.

The presence of your relevant audience on social platforms cannot be ignored, hence comes the need for a complete Digital Strategy. Today the most relevant channels of marketing digital platforms would be Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube & LinkedIn. Based on how you segment your audience, you must also be able to choose the right platform for communication. It may be a combination of many or just one of all.

Digital Marketing done without any professional help may lead to a disaster. The amount of content going online every second is something that cannot even be expressed and standing out among the whole crowd of content takes professional approach and it is not what your time should be consumed for.

A team or an digital agency, like our (Unjumble Communications) tend to have much more experience on how to phase out the communication on social platforms. Expertise in different kind of communication like Videos, Image Driven or Graphics along with Content.

But the common factor among all is good design, without which everything goes wasted. The motive of this post was to emphasize the important of good design and we hope you do understand now. We are all ears, feel free to reach out.