Will Print Advertising still work?

It’s been many years now that marketers have wondered if print advertising & design is still relevant. With the number of digital users skying up everyday the doubt is very relevant but the answer isn’t.

Print ads still make a better impression than digital ones. A number of studies have indicated that, people tend to process print with greater engagement and focus, than they do with content viewed on screen. While the digital content is read through quickly, on print reading is slower, thus leading to greater comprehension & recall. For advertisers, it means that a print ad is more likely to have a better impression and thus lead to better results. Having said that, the type of content also varies being communicated on a particular medium also matters.

Why Print Advertising still remains relevant – through 2019, 2020 & beyond

 1. Respectability

Given the fact that print has been around for long and thanks to its history, ads that appear in print are likely to be taken much more seriously.

2. Trust

Studies have suggested that reader tend to trust print ads & television ads over other mediums of advertising.

3. Targeted Audience

One of the greater advantage of advertise on digital platforms is the scope to target the right audience. Even Print ads allow positioning in relevant sections of the publication like current affairs, entertainment, sports, technology etc.

4. Better Engagement Rate

While reading through print, our complete attention is at one place. On digital platforms all of us multitaskers. We are simultaneously texting friends, watching videos, checking mail, browsing feed, as a result – our attention is divided. Comparatively, print gets better engagement.

Some tips for Print Advertising

Keep it Simple

Keep the layout simple. Busy or cluttered ads are a big turn off. Simple layouts on the other allow your messaging to communicated easily. Concentrate on crisp copies, consider using bullet points to define your benefits.

Mind your Flow

Human eye reading pattern starts at the top left of a page and move down towards the bottom right. You can capitalise on this reading pattern by layouting text along the ‘route’ across the page.

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